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ISBN #: 9781595788887
February 2012
Liquid Silver Books
$ 5.95
116 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Lyndal Carson is the overlooked and put upon member of the Carson family. Her family constantly belittles her and dumps the unglamorous tasks upon her. She longs for just a little bit of excitement.

Grey Rutledge is a very wealthy landowner and a werewolf. He fled to the United States when his family and fiancée were wiped out by jealous zealots.

When Lyndal is diagnosed with a fatal heart ailment that could fell her at any time, she is determined to stop being the family doormat and find the adventure she has always dreamed of. A man in the country has placed an ad for a wife, and she takes a big chance and answers it. Grey is not overly impressed with Lyndal’s looks at first, but his attention is captured by her personality. She is an original who stands out in the crowd of eager husband seekers.

This is an interesting and entertaining story with overtones of the popular television series “The Bachelor”. The setting of Indiana during the Civil War adds quite a bit of color to the story as does Lyndal’s connection to a newspaper reporter in pursuit of a story on Grey. Lyndal’s spoiled and obnoxious sister is an excellent counterpoint to her own more stable and commonsensical approach to her adventure. Grey’s other nature is a fun but almost unnecessary bonus to a story that would be excellent either with or without the werewolf element.

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