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In Fury of Fires

Book #1: A Woman Betrayed

Book #2: A Woman Revenged

Book #3: A Woman Scorned

Book #1 In Fury of Fires
ISBN#: 9781454301516
February 23, 2012
Red Rose™ Publishing
226 pages
Erotic, Mystery, Suspense, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Cyan has been trapped in a loveless marriage without any way out, because of her harsh upbringing by her mother who believed that pleasuring oneself is a sin, and once you marry someone you have to stick with it no matter what. To get away from it all, she feels a black knight visiting her in the dark, providing her with indescribable pleasure, but no fulfillment. Then one day she meets him in flesh.

Derian, her black knight, is a prisoner in a minimum security camp who is allowed to attend rehabilitative classes before being released, which are in Cyan’s university. Cyan’s Native American friend asks her to take him under her wing, taking advantage of the fact that Cyan can hardly ever say no.

Derian starts courting Cyan subtly, with lots of charm, while still giving ghostly visits to her at nights but not fully satisfying her, leaving her in a hard place to choose between a loveless marriage and leaving behind all her beliefs to receive the pleasure beyond her imagination. Who will she choose and will it be the right choice for her?

This is one dark story with pleasure in a twisted sense. Cyan is a lonely, friendly girl who seems desperate for attention and a little love, therefore she hardly ever says ‘no’ to gain it. She understands well that some things asked from her are unjust or not in her best interests, especially in the case of Derian, but the pleasure he provides her has made her an addict that keeps bringing her back to him no matter what the abuse. It had me sweating and reaching for a glass of water during the steamy scenes and other times shouting at her that she does not deserve to be treated the way her husband and Derian do. I wish the author had explained a little more about why Cyan is able to get visions in the form of dreams, know what other people are feeling and take their pain away, etc. This left me confused in the story about her and Derian too; his ghostly visits. Is she psychic or an empath, what and why? This is not a HEA and has two more books in the series so far. I, for one, cannot wait to find out will she finally have her HEA or not.

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