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ISBN#: 9781595789525
July 30, 2012
Liquid Silver Books
214 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Noah Maitland is the divorced father of two teenaged sons and finally out of the closet. The relationship he hoped to have with another man, his attraction to the man in question the reason for his divorce, never came to be. Now he is single and trying his hand at dating other men, only he cannot seem to find one that he clicks with enough to actually start a relationship with, that is until Zane literally stumbles into his life.

Zane Halliday is twenty-four years old and struggling to keep his small family of a younger brother and sister together, but it is not easy. He has just been thrown out of his apartment and if their Aunt gets wind of it, Zane could lose custody of his brother and sister. In addition, he has borrowed way too much money from a loan shark. Life is just not very good at the moment for Zane and his family.

When Zane and his siblings are tossed out of their apartment for not paying the rent, Zane begs his landlord’s employee to just let him get back into the apartment for their clothes. Fortunately for Zane, he stumbles into Noah who quickly assesses the situation and talks the employee into giving Zane their stuff. Then he does something else, he finds a place for Zane and his siblings to stay and loans Zane his car to get around. Zane feels like Noah is his guardian angel and the friendship they strike up is strong in a very short time. However, as the two get to know one another both find themselves very attracted to the other. There’s only one problem, Noah believes that he is too old for Zane who is only a few years older than his oldest son. Top that with the fact that as far as Zane knows he is straight, that is until he starts noticing how physically fit Noah is. When he begins having sexual fantasies about Noah, Zane begins to suspect he is not as straight as he always thought he was. Then the two kiss for the first time and suddenly nothing is as it seems. But Noah is determined to fight his attraction to Zane, and Zane worried what his Aunt will think if she discovers he might be gay, does his best to help Noah in fighting the attraction. Meanwhile, the loan shark is threatening his employment and his siblings. Will Noah and Zane be able to figure out how to be together as a couple? Or will a combination of Noah’s concerns about Zane’s age, Zane’s family and money problems, and a town where some people are not sure if they can accept a gay Noah, keep the two apart?

A Younger Man is a very emotionally heartrending read that is one of the best gay contemporary romances I have had the pleasure to read. The obstacles these two have to overcome to even have the possibility of a happy ending appear to be almost insurmountable, and yet together the reader discovers they may have a chance. The love scenes are poetry and just about as beautiful as this reader has ever read. Highly erotic and very emotional, the author has such a gift with words that gives the reader the ability to see inside Noah and Zane’s mind and heart very easily. You feel everything they feel and it just makes this book a truly wonderful read. If you have never read a book by Cameron Dane, I suggest you read this one first, you will not be disappointed! A truly lovely story that I know I will read again and again.

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