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The O’Hagan Way Series

Book 1: A Dillon Sandwich
Book 2: A Caleb Footlong
Book 3: A Zane Po' Boy

The O’Hagan Way, Book 3
ISBN: 161926532X
February 2012
Siren Publishing
116 Pages
Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trios Romance, M/M/M, Vampire, Public Exhibitionism, HEA
Rating: 3 Cups

His earliest memories are nightmarish and has left scars that Zane still fights to overcome. To him, family is his warrior brothers. Yet, as amazing as they are, he longs for someone special.

Upon meeting their mate, Brian and Banning O’Hagan do what comes natural: jump first and ask questions later.

Zane barely gets a good look at the two gorgeous twins before he is nearly bowled over by the two who quickly vanish, nor does he get a chance to explain his fears before they take offense. Now he is on a one-way road to self-destruction. Zane’s reaction hurt Brian and Banning, but on hearing he is killing himself, they rush to his side. Help is in store for Zane, though it may come too short, too late.

Whoa is right! I can completely understand Zane’s first reaction to his mates, but oh how hot they are. They are a double whammy of heat and heart. When they set their sights on Zane, all restraints fly out the window. In this series, the characters may be warriors, vampires and shifters, but I find no deep connection with the paranormal. I recommend just sitting back and enjoying this taste of sexy man love.

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