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Beckett's Wolf Pack Triad Mates

Book 1: Laurie's Love, Beckett's Wolf Pack Triad Mates
Book 2: Babies for Nikki

Beckett’s Wolf Pack Triad Mates, Book #2
ISBN #9781622413652
September 2012
350 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Menage
Rating: 4 Cups

Nikki Sinclair is a nurse and a nurturing person. She is also voluptuously beautiful, but has little self-esteem due to her family and her ex-husband. She is also wealthy and self-conscious about it.

Alexander Gregg is the head enforcer for the Beckett Pack. Tall, dark haired, and serious, he worries about his ability to keep himself in control and protect the pack.

Butler Roman is blond and handsome and Alex’s partner and immediate subordinate. He is not in as dire a state as Alex, but is heading in that direction.

Nikki has always wanted to be married and have children, but a horrible upbringing and worse marriage have made her doubt herself and her ability to be a good mother. She is a nurturing person and a good friend who is about to get lucky. She is fated to be the mate of not one, but two of the most gorgeous and sexy men she has ever seen. They are a bit more than she expects, and that is a good thing when both she and her best friend are threatened.

I really loved this story and am definitely going to look up the first story in the series. The characters are very compelling and vividly portrayed. Nikki is a wonderful character who deserves much more than she has gotten in life so far. Mostly she really needs to be needed by someone and no one needs her as much as Alex and Butler. The plot is full of exciting twists and turns, both romantic and suspenseful. I cannot wait for the next installment of the Beckett’s Pack series.

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