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ISBN#: Paperback-9780425232989/E-book-9781101180266/9781101185070
February 2010
Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin Group Inc.
308 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Gillian Noode (yes just like it sounds) is a PR expert who has been hired by the SBC, a fighting organization, to smooth out their president’s rough edges. The only problem is, he does not want his rough edges smoothed out, so Gillian has a fight on her hands.

Drew Black is the very best at what he does, and he knows it. Sure, he uses coarse language and does not mince his words, but hey, fighters are tough guys right? Well, he is about to meet his match in Gillian.

Before Gillian even meets Drew, she is convinced she can turn a bad situation around before some enterprising reporter ruins Drew’s and the SBC’s reputation. She does not count on the instant attraction to Drew, nor his relentless pursuit of her. She would rather not mix romance with work if she can help it, but Drew is more convincing than she realizes, and it is not long before they are burning up the sheets. Too bad the press is out for blood because it is not long before one enterprising photographer gets a photo of Gillian at Drew’s home, and her half-dressed at that. After that it is one mishap after another, and it is only through Gillian and Drew sticking together that there is a possibility of their being able to weather all the bad press. But when one vengeful woman goes too far, it could not only end Drew’s career with the SBC, but Gillian’s PR career as well. Will these two be able to save their budding relationship, and their careers, or will a psychotic woman bent on revenge have the last say?

What a fun story! I absolutely loved Back in Black. This book is very well written, and the explanations of the differences between professional Mixed Martial Arts and what amounts to all out fights with no rules shows the author did her homework. This look inside the world of fighting was very interesting. Drew’s complete unrepentant attitude had me cracking up in places, especially when Gillian would hit a spot where she just was not quite sure how to react to his outrageous behavior. Gillian’s ‘go getter’ attitude really helps to move the story line along, and it was fun seeing how she handled Drew during those spots. The lovemaking is blistering, but filled with emotion, which for me, makes this story a keeper. Sex for the sake of sex just does not do it in my opinion, and Ms. Foster knows how to write sex scenes very well. This is a delightful read that I am more than happy to recommend.

Coffee Time Romance & More




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