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ISBN#: 9781606592038
October 2009
Mundania Press, LLC
220 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Bad-Ass Faeries

Many have tried to build on Echo Hills, none have been successful. All eventually give up unaware of the battle that wages. The white and red female clans of faeries are unconcerned with the humans; they come and they go. What is needed by both clans is the green boy who burrows beneath the earth and is very difficult to catch. There will be no peace in Echo Hills as long as the fighting continues.

I found this story humorous and easy to read. I especially liked the rebuilding of the trees and other things that the faeries did to the work sites of the human. Monica Richards rights a very whimsical story that entertains the reader.

Futuristic Cybernetic Faerie Assassin Hasballah

Hasballah is having a rough day. Nothing is going his way, which is evident by his next assignment -- to kill an ogre. Hasballah is the best, but even he has his limits. He needs to kill the ogre and attempt to figure out who is the person who betrayed him and is attempting to kill him. The answer is closer to home than he could ever imagine.

Hasballah is an excellently crafted character. I enjoyed the story and was rather shocked by the mystery of who was attempting to kill him. I loved the crafty plan Hasballah uses to dispatch the assassin.

Make Love, Not War

The Far-Im and Bro-Nim have been at war for many years. Today is the day the war will end. Can the two faerie factions get past years of mistrust to work together and vanquish a mutual foe or will they both be doomed by ignorance?

Make Love, Not War is a prime example of how a person should question things they hear that seem untrue. The word of one has caused a war and kept the war going out of greed of power.

Heart of Vengeance

Alan Wright is a professor of folklore caught up in a sci-fi con that his agent says is good for his career. He has no beliefs in elves and magic, but everything he thought he knew is about to be challenged.

A story of the clash between what we think we know and what is actually real. Alan Wright represents the outlook of most humans, and it was enlightening to watch him learn. The story is exciting because it shows the possibility of magic is real and can be discovered for anyone looking -- or it may come looking for them.

Ballad of the Seven Up Sprite

La-li-li is heartbroken as her favorite doll is torn apart. Little did she know that the most feared outlaw faerie would help her find another, for despite his limited sewing skills, he is an excellent doll maker.

The authors took an excellent storyline by making the bad guy something more than he is rumored to be. I enjoyed reading about Seven Up Sprite and would love to read more about him. The Ballad of the Seven Up Sprite is a story worthy of the attention of any reader.

Snow in July

The pixies in All Across Meadows are under attack. It will take everyone including the outcasts to fight against the magic that threatens their existence. Can the two sides see past their differences and come together to fight their extinction?

Snow in July has a funny little love scene in it. It is interesting how, although the two sides had their differences when it came to battling extinction, they came together. Well worth reading and should be shared with a friend.

House Arrest

A child has died, and the person at fault must be punished. The answer to the mystery lies with the house elf. The authorities just need to get him to talk.

House Arrest is a very sad but otherwise entertaining story. The revelation of the murderer is rather unexpected and the identity is expertly concealed by the author until the very end.

A Pressing Problem

Carnavan is a wealthy man determined to make even more money. Unfortunately to do it, many faeries must die, which he has no problem with since he is not technically breaking any laws. Will he heed the warning he receives from faeries before it is too late or will someone pay the price for his greed?

I found this story entertaining and educational. The author took a thought-provoking vehicle for teaching the downfall caused by greed. A Pressing Problem is an excellent story well worth reading and sharing with children as a bed time story.

Hidden in the Folds

A ronin named Yamakazi Toushi seeks shelter in a temple and is greeted by a childhood myth, tengu, often used in the childhood tale as a warning of what comes to get disobedient children. Unexpectedly there is more than meets the eye, and Toushi is embroiled in a battle to save his life.

Hidden in the Folds is a good story. I found it difficult to keep track of what is real and what is make-believe. Despite the momentary confusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and loved the origami.


Hajime has a problem -- the dead body of his wife lying at the bottom of his stairs. Determined not to go back to prison, he calls a fellow convict to assist him in dealing with the situation. There is more to Vassili and his assistant than was first shown. When the whole truth is revealed, will his problem disappear or will it grow?

Pennidreadful is an interesting story that I found very entertaining. It stands as an example of even a convict has standards and there are some crimes that are unforgiveable. Lorne Dixon writes an interesting slant on a story of a woman scorned.

On Oberon’s Throne

Puck thinks he should be the Elf King after all he does all the work. In a scheme to act as the King, he agrees to fight a troll and makes a deal to get the proper weapons for the faerie army. Unbeknownst to him, there are other schemes afoot and nothing good comes from dishonesty.

I found “On Oberon’s Throne” to be an interesting story. It is a basic tale of being dishonest and how a person can pay the price. Although the story is not exciting; it can be used as a tale to teach children the folly of lying.

Sally Smiles

Reggie is headed home with his new girlfriend, Bonnie. Her dad has been attacked and her mother needs her. What better time to meet the parents…and the faeries who worship the woman he loves. The faeries on the other hand are not so eager to meet him and are looking for a way to make him leave.

Sally Smiles is an interesting take on the tale of spoiled children who are unhappy when someone else plays with their toys. I rather found the story funny for the Sally Smiles character.

The Faerie Queen of Lo Mein

A faerie of electricity travels the electrical wires seeking food to fill her belly. She emerges into the home of humans who traditionally feed her, only to find a nasty rat who wants the food meant for her. She will not give up the food without a fight; to the victor goes the spoils.

The Faerie Queen of Lo Mein made me giggle. I loved the silly story of the battle between a cat and faerie over a carton of lo mein. This tale is a breath of fresh air.

Hollow Dreams

Pook and his friends have a weakness for gin and it may be the lure that brings them down. In the hunt for the treasure, they find that even a half fae is unable to resist the lure of faerie dust.

Hollow Dreams is a bit confusing around the middle, but after I went back and read the story through a second time everything became much clearer. A worthy story even if it may take more than one read through to bring the story to light.

Wings of Soul

Today Diddybelle will do her family proud, and it is the first day of the rest of her life. In Wings of Soul, Diddybelle is about to perform her first traditional ritual which is a part of her heritage; granting a wish. She has been the families secret but things can only remain undisclosed for so long.

Diddybelle is a strong character that will use her powers for good. I found it absolutely funny that she did a small part in ridding the world of criminals, and the way she goes about it is not to be missed. Wings of Soul is a really sweet and entertaining read.

At the Crossroads

Lance is half fae and the leader of his group who live to ride. Upon arrival at their meeting place, he realizes that Suzanne is nowhere to be found and must be in danger. With the aid of his best friend, lieutenant and brother of Suzanne, he rides out to locate her. Along the way to rescue Suzanne, he finds his destiny and his other half.

I loved Lance and the idea that he wore the tattoo of Suzanne that would tell him her status. He is such a sweet man who is capable of destruction but loves his little sister, Suzanne, and his people. I would love to read more about Lance and found this story truly touching.

Damned Inspiration

Gabriel Lanier is a poet of little note. He summons a faerie to give him inspiration and act as a muse. The faerie who arrives serves the Tuanatha De Danann who are seeking a way back to good graces. She tells her story to Gabriel and leaves him to his writing. When she meets with Gabriel again, she can tell there is something amiss. It would appear that there is another being that has its claws in him, and it is her job to vanquish it.

Damned Inspiration is a very good story that clearly demonstrates that just because something makes us happy does not make it good for us. I loved the good faerie and found her rather funny and caring in a rough sort of manner.

Down These Mean Streets a Faerie Must Go

C-Dog, a faerie gone wrong, has died in an apparent suicide. The human detective, Frank, has approached Blossom, a faerie PI, for a little assistance. She is unable to believe the suicide story and smells the stench of a cover-up. With her connections on the street she will get to the truth.

Down These Mean Streets is a snappy little story about a faerie gumshoe that no one should miss. John Sunseri used a witty repertoire to keep the reader engaged in a real faerie who-dun-it.


Terrorbelle is an agent for Nemisis & Company, and her mission is to help rid the world of monsters. Her current assignment is one particular woman she calls Badass who has joined hands, or should I say butts, with a particularly bad monster called maw. Before the night is through, she will find the butt in questions and vanquish the monster.

Endgame is a laugh-out-loud riot narrated by a faerie who can really tell a story. Patrick Thomas told the story through the voice of the main character. It is written in an outstanding writing style that allows the reader to see the world through the main characters eyes and reveals her thoughts to the reader. Patrick Thomas as penned an excellent story that will have readers laughing until the end.

The Last Night of the Lazarus Brothers

Paul Morcey is a detective with a smoking hot sidekick faerie named Rita. He investigates the supernatural along with tips her receives from Lazarus and his ghost. His new case is to investigate who is dealing in Glimmer, a drug manufactured using the dead bodies of faeries.

The interaction between Paul and Rita is funny while being sweet at the same time. I enjoyed reading The Last Night of the Lazarus Brothers and recommend it to readers.

The mixture of faerie stories with captions for each section set this anthology apart from many others. It provides a wider and varied picture of faeries just as there are in all races. Some of the stories were slow or confusing but the strength of the other stories more than made up for the deficiency. A worthy read that can be shared for people of all ages and quite a few would be good to use as a means of teaching children moral lessons.

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