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ISBN: 1-932695-30-3
March 2006
Treble Heart Books
Price: $ 5.50/Trade paperback $ 13.50
291 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hannah Hailstone only wanted a tempting cheeseburger when she discovered a handsome semi-conscious man bleeding in the backseat of her car. Then her addictive gambling father vanished and someone is watching her mother’s house.

Cooper West is a mechanic that may have just seen the last of his good luck. His motorcycle is missing, he has been robbed, severely battered and now thugs are chasing him.

Hannah has always been an easy target when it comes to any stray and the sexy man who just sent her heart into sympathy mode is no exception. She decides to drop him off at the hospital. After she returns home and washes her hair, something in the moisturizer makes her hair go awry. She returns to the hospital and finds the man in room 313. Is this all a bad omen or what? After hearing Coopers story and the fact her father is holding secrets to a mystery ready to explode, Hannah realizes she needs information fast but Cooper pushes her nerves that she wonders should she kiss him all over or wring his neck. He is fascinated with Hannah and her frizzy hair seems to have erupted into more chaos for them. No woman has treated him with so much kindness as they work together to solve the tangled mystery.

Bad Hair Day spins with so much creativity the reader is entertained with each page. Ms. Darryl paints a delightful character with superb wit that the reader cannot help but fall in love with Hannah and her hair. Her antics were loaded in dynamite. Cooper slowly grows on you as they spin a fantastic mystery. Wonderfully written, brilliantly created and downright good, Nancy Darryl pens stories that entice and has the reader eagerly awaiting more and this one is no exception.

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