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Battle Of The Undead Series
Book 0.05 -Traitor's Gate
Book 1 -Bad Blood
Book 2 -Bad Timing

Battle Of The Undead #2
ISBN# 9781772336382
December 16, 2015
Evernight Teen
89 Pages
Paranormal erotic
Rating: 3 Cups

Being a ruthless and determined vampiress, Britannia focuses on winning the day rather than building a romance with another vampire, Tate. Her quick foray into love is interrupted by her vow to save the day. She holds an anger and hatred for Nicholas, a vampire she swears to take down by killing his sired children.

Tate is protective of Britannia in the battle against zombies. Though he comes to the rescue, she holds her own, saving humans from being attacked. He's a tough vampire who fights the zombies with a passion.

Nicholas is wary of Britannia, though he is drawn to her. Unfortunately, he has a hard time getting close to her because of her simmering fury with him. Suffering with unrequited love, Nicholas strives to make her want him.

The tale is filled with Britannia's quick temper and fighting skills. When all seems lost, she pulls through, striving to win the day.

The romantic parts between Britannia an Tate should be revved up. There are so many characters in the picture, that it is difficult to decide who her true love is. All in all, it is a good story for people who love vampires and zombies.

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