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Vampire Series
Book 1 - Bad Vampires
Book 2 - Nazi Werewoofs

ISBN: 9781442147492
August 2009
164 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Carol Binghamton is minding her own business when some weirdo climbs into her window. Terrified, she threatens to call the cops if he doesn’t leave.

Lance Blodgett knows it looks bad, but he really is there to save Carol from the real threat. A bad vampire, Elmer, is after her, intending to drink her blood and kill her.

Carol assumes Lance is certifiable with all of his nonsense talk about someone wanting to kill her until Elmer actually shows up. Though they chase him out of the building, the threat is not gone, and Lance is now protecting Carol twenty-four hours a day. She goes from being a regular person to being someone who seems to have one adventure after another. Discovering their love for each other, they can only hope that they will have time to explore it as one confrontation after another becomes more and more dangerous.

Bad Vampires was really hard for me to enjoy. Quite a bit of it was very choppy and some parts of the story had lines that seemed to be put in as an afterthought. Also, there were many jokes that fell flat and made no sense to me. The characters knew each other for only a day and Lance was already proclaiming his love for Carol. I am sure there are readers who would understand Mr. Larew’s humorous lines as they were delivered, and they would probably enjoy this tale more than I did.

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