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ISBN: 9780062323040
15 September 2015
Harper Collins
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Even as a little girl, Maria Rodriguez knew she wanted to dance. Knowing her father would not approve, Harry Korn and Maria have kept her Friday night dance lessons a secret. Maria’s regular dance partner Angel Morez wonders where Maria goes every Friday night, but every time he brings it up she refuses to answer his questions.

With three failed marriages behind her, Sara Dreyfus longs to find a partner with whom she can dance away the nights. She has her sights set on the very wealthy and good looking Gabriel Katz, even though Gabriel barely pays her any notice. Watching from the wings is Joseph, who would love to have Sarah’s attention on him.

As much as she loves Harry and all the work he has put into her dancing, Maria is becoming concerned he is a little too attached. He talks of whisking her away after graduation, but all Maria wants is to dance with Angel and win the championship. Sarah, too, has her own worries, which she tries to bury by seeking the perfect dance partner. She wishes Gabriel were that man, who seems more interested in being seen with beautiful well-dressed women that make him look even better. Joseph often feels like the odd man out as he hangs back and watches Sarah move from partner to partner.

The Ballroom may be showing its age, but that does not stop the die-hard dancers from their Sunday night fix. Sadly though, most of these patrons seem as lonely and neglected as their favorite dance hall. Besides Maria and Angel, I feel like the characters are looking more for a way to forget their everyday lives, and less about loving to dance. There should be something lively and fun about dancing that, in my opinion, is absent from so much of this story.

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