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Beloved Bloody Time Series

Book 1: Bannockburn Binding
Book 2: Byzantine Heartbreak

Beloved Blood Time Series, Book 1
ISBN: 9780986906497
December 2011
Print/ eBook
$8.97-Print/ $2.99-eBook
162 Pages
Erotic Romance; Time Travel; Urban Fantasy; Futuristic; Medieval
Rating: 5 Cups

Natalia "Tally" Marta is a traveller; a vampire who uses her ability to travel to different time periods to take humans to the era of their choice. When she travels from her real time in Australia to the fourteenth century with her human client, Tally does not expect her life to be rocked to its very core by a man who will not only change her destiny, but another vampire's as well.

Christian Lee Hamilton is Tally's ex-lover and a vampire himself. When she is late in returning to the present, Christian knows something bad must have happened and he sets out to save her before it is too late.

Robert Mackenzie is a fierce warrior, belonging to the legendary Bruce clansmen. When he spots the beautiful and spirited Tally, he kidnaps her; for ransom or to keep her for himself he knows not which yet.

Tally knows she must get back to her time period or face certain death, but as the days turn to weeks, she finds herself falling for the hardened and yet somehow gentle warrior. When Christian shows up to guide her home, Tally knows she cannot leave. Even as Christian tries to convince Tally to go home where it is safe, his attraction to Robert turns into full blown passion. But how can three people find happiness together when two of them are from the future?

Bannockburn Binding is an amazing tale which contains a unique and fresh plot. The characters were so strong and vividly depicted. I loved how I got the chance to watch Tally and Robert fall in love before Christian came into the picture. The way Ms. Cooper-Posey wrote these fantastic scenes really had me feeling as if I was sitting in a theatre and watching some Shakespearian play being acted out. The story had me so emotional unbalanced that I was afraid to read another page in case their happiness came crashing down, and yet I knew I had to finish or suffer the agonizing question of "what if they do find a way to make this romance work?". Once Christian entered the picture, the story's intensity was tripled as the obstacles became even harder to jump over and the love the characters found with each other seemed to boil over uncontrollably. This is one hot tale with an ending that definitely caught me completely by surprise. I cannot wait to read more novels in this series!

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