Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781451684452
22 October 2013
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
$16.00 US/$18.99 CAN
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Following her father from country to country has given Giselle Barrington an education unlike any of her peers. Not without a price. Because of her father's work with the Crown, she now carries with her a letter that could result in thousands of deaths, her own included.

Very few people have confounded Lord Aldridge as much as his new cook. She is quite simply the most infuriatingly talented, beautiful and mysterious woman he has ever met.

Getting out of Stockholm and back to London is a feat in itself. Now Gigi must find a way to hide while uncovering the identity of her father's killer. Becoming Lord Aldridge's cook is the perfect cover, especially with his home so close to her own, although she never bargains on the man himself. Aldridge cannot quite put his finger on what it is about his cook that intrigues him so, yet he knows there is more than meets the eye. Her fear makes him want to rush to her rescue. Only he has the very disturbing feeling nothing is quite what it seems.

A woman like Gigi is a force to be reckoned with. Her intelligence and ingenuity put her head and shoulders above those around her, even when terrified she is always thinking ahead. Aldridge's character, however, often feels like he is one step behind. Still, his perseverance and drive are never in question. He and Gigi feel like they are on parallel lines, heading to the same destination yet rarely intersecting.

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