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Book 1: Bonkers
Book 2: Barefoot

Sequel to Bonkers
ISBN: 9781869508708
November 2010
HarperCollinsPublishers (New Zealand) Limited
$29.99-NZ RRP
400 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

There is something about the sexy ex-NBA star that rubs Sherry the wrong way. If she is not making snide comments about his banana fetish, Sherry is dreaming of ways to get rid of the sexual tension when she is around him.

Glenn Brogan knows that Sherry may look like a wet dream come true, but in reality, her attitude freezes anything remotely interested in finding out exactly what she looks like under her SRBA vest. He gets to see her as someone other than the cold persona she emulates when her tranquility is put to the test in the form of a screaming newborn.

Somehow Glenn and Sherry go from the hospital ward to the golf course and then to a motel room. But what starts out as an extremely heavy bout of sex against anything and everything available ends up changing both of their lives forever. In a world where the Brogan’s and the Jackson’s are a tight knit group, Glenn and Sherry cannot seem to find a common ground other than in the bedroom. Just when things begin to settle down between them, Glenn’s famous lifestyle catches up with him, and Sherry’s job as a cop interrupts their world, threatening them in a way neither expected.

I adore Ms. Holman’s work with her witty repertoire and sarcastic air. Barefoot pits a smart-mouthed cop against a man used to have women falling at his feet. The dangerous situations, comedic scenes, and sensual delights spattered throughout the pages goes to show the reader how awesome this novel is. Watching Sherry and Glenn go from single people used to doing things exactly how they want to when they want to, to struggling characters figuring out where they fit into their new world gave this book an air of vulnerability that allows the reader to get a real feel for these two. Trust me when I say you will not want to miss reading this book. It is a sure bet this story will have you laughing and give you enough entertainment to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy for days to come.

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