Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781611527322
February 15, 2015
JMS Books, LLC
106 Pages
Gay, Erotic, Romance, Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

There is always a buzz of anticipation for Julian Yardling when he gets a call from Zeninen. The jobs he is sent on are notoriously dangerous and deadly, which is exactly what the handsome, young spy lives for.

In their profession, Marco Tanzi knows he will eventually cross paths with Yardling. The question is, who will live to tell about it?

Since their days of training together in a militant camp, Julian has longed to be with Marco again. Having him as his next target is definitely not what he has in mind. His job is to retrieve an ancient artifact and get rid of Marco, but there is no way he can kill the man who consumes his dreams. The likelihood of him surviving this mission is nil. Either by his boss or Marco’s hand, one of them will want him dead.

The threat of danger between Julian and Marco is a very real and constant presence throughout this story. It makes your heart race with every scene, because you just never know what will happen when two killers come together. My only wish and personal preference is that their time together would be set more in the present. They clash and collide with a passionate frenzy, yet underneath it all is a tenderness to every look and touch.

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