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Silver Six Crafting Mystery, Book 1
ISBN#: 9780425275726
September 2015
Penguin Random House LLC.
304 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Leslee Stanton “Nixy” Nix Lilyvale checks on her aunt after receiving phone calls from the local detective regarding odd events at her aunt’s house. She arrives to find her aunt and her six roommates “The Silver Six” being harassed by a land developer who wants Aunt Sherry to sell her home.

Nixy arrives believing it she will be able to figure out what is going on with her aunt and head back home. Until Hellspawn, a.k.a land developer, turns up dead and Aunt Sherry is suspect number one.

There is more going on in the less than boring small town of Lilyvale. One murder is more than the town has ever seen, and with so many unlikely suspects, who is the killer standing in the shadows? Will Nixy be able to successfully help her aunt and get back home in time or will she find something more in Lilyvale worth staying for?

The mystery in Lilyvale is intriguing and the character development leaves immense amount of ideas for future books. I loved the subtle romance between Nixy and Shoar which was just enough to stay at a low hum in the background but provide spice for the romantic at heart. The mystery was well hidden as there were so many suspects it was difficult to determine who the guilty party was. Basket Case is an outstanding introduction to a very talented author with an amazing talent. I highly recommend Basket Case for an entertaining cast of characters and a gift for mystery.

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