Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781476706573
24 September 2013
Pocket Books
336 Pages
Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Daphne Martin is an excellent cake maker who runs the local cake shop. After a year, she is finally settling into her hometown of Brea Ridge. She has also reunited with her high school sweetheart. Just when things seem to be going great, everything starts falling apart. She is a suspect in a murder trial. Her boyfriend may be leaving town to work for his ex. And the cake competition makes her a ball of nerves.

Ben has always loved Daphne and regretted their break-up. Now he has her in his life again. He wants to help his ex-girlfriend get her business going, but he also enjoys life in his hometown at the newspaper and with Daphne again.

Daphne Martin’s life is going well. She is both excited and nervous about the upcoming cake competition. She is also looking forward to a class with the celebrity chef who is known for being mean but is also quite talented. When he turns up dead and she becomes the prime suspect, she has to use her sleuthing skills once again to get herself out of her predicament. All while trying to win the competition and having trouble with her boyfriend.

Daphne Martin is such a likable character. She is down-to-earth, kind to others, creative and still has some insecurity. She feels like a friend by the end of the story. The supporting characters are interesting and fun, especially her friend and neighbor, Myra. The story is a great mystery that keeps you guessing. Also, if you love getting new recipes to tasty goodies, then be sure to check out the back of the book where Mrs. Trent shares some of Daphne’s favorite dishes. All around, a very fun read.

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