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Book 1: The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx
Book 2: The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf
Book 3: A Kitty in the Lion’s Den
Book 4: A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite
Book 5: Bear Naked and Bite Marks

Sweetwater, Book 5
ISBN #: 9781771307468
March 2014
Evernight Publishing
$ 4.99
105 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Melissa is a wolf shifter. At thirty-seven, she thinks it is unlikely she will find her true mate, but that does not keep the voluptuous and sassy woman from having a good time.

Declan is a mercenary and very serious about his work. The huge bear shifter has no time in his dangerous life for a mate, and very little in the way of skills for courting one.

Someone in Sweetwater is making a drug that is killing young shifters. Declan is helping his friends hunt down the killer. Melissa is happy for her best friends and wishes them the best, but feels like a third wheel among the happily mated couples. One night in the local bar, she finds her own mate. Declan is hot but has no dating skills, and she will not let this caveman just drag her off to his den without a little romance.

I enjoyed the story of clueless Declan and his mate Melissa. I love a heroine who takes no guff from anyone. Melissa is all that and a genuinely nice person, a tough combination for many authors to write effectively. Declan is about as scary as heroes come, but totally at sea when it comes to wooing his mate. The plot is gripping. Between the erotic tension and the action parts of the story, I was on the edge of my seat to find out how it all turns out. I am really enjoying this series.

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