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Kalispell Shifters

Book 1: The Bear’s Mate
Book 2: Bringing Home the Bear
Book 3: Loving the Bear
Book 4: Healing the Bear
Book 5: Christmas with Two Alphas
Book 6: A Wolf’s Mate
Book 7: Bear With Me
Book 8: Reforming the Bear

Kalispell Shifters, Book 7
ISBN# 9781772332667
March 2015
Evernight Publishing
$ 4.99
119 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hannah Morrison has had her wild times. A one night stand turning into a pregnancy can do that to a girl. She would not change a thing, although she can get a bit lonely for adult male companionship sometimes.

Bear McWilliams is a bear shifter and a very well known OB/GYN. He is big, handsome, single, and tired of being stalked by all of the shifter women in Kalispell.

Bear is tired of all the attention from mate hungry shifters in Kalispell. Between his duties at the new hospital, his clinic, and the impending births of several hybrid shifter children in the town, he has no time or patience for pushy females. He likes to be the one doing the chasing. Hannah has no time for a man. She has an autistic son and a new restaurant to run. She is the one female in town who has not chased Bear down, which intrigues him, and her young son is more than he appears. Bear might just do some pursuing himself.

I have some catching up to do with this series. I have really liked it in the past and do not know how I got so far behind, but this story reminded me of just how good it can be. Hannah and Bear are wonderful and realistic characters, and I warmed up to them right away. Kalispell is an interesting mixture of human and shifter residents, although most of the humans are unaware their neighbors are a bit more than they seem. Hannah and Bear’s romance is well-written and engrossing, but the subplots of the impending births of shifter hybrids, the mystery of the little boy’s condition, and the anti-hybrid feelings among the shifters add quite a bit of interest to the story. I like Ms. Devereaux’s take on the origin of the shifters, and her world building skills are excellent. This is a story I would recommend to lovers of shifter romance.

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