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Carus Series

Book 1: Shift Happens
Book 2: Beast Coast
Book 3: Carpe Demon
Book 4: Shift Work

Beast Coast
ISBN#: 9781628306712
1 December 2014
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
330 pages
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Andrea “Andy” McNeilly is a Carus, a shifter with three forms, and a beast she is desperate to keep inside. The last time it was free it wiped out a wolf pack and she spent 33 years in the wild as a mountain lion. Lately she has learned some new information about what she is, found a potential mate in an alpha wolf, (Wick) and got some new neighbors who happen to be witches (that can summon demons but cannot sing worth a damn.) Sadly she also found herself in debt to the local master vampire, Lucien, who with the help of his alpha werewolf, (yes, that werewolf) blood bonds Andy and tasks her to accompany his human servant out of country. In transit they are attacked by possessed humans, which is only one of many such like attacks upon other supes. Alternatively, her boss at the SRD, Agent Booth, tasks her with finding an escapee from their labs—who eerily reminds her of Booth. On top of it all, she is stuck in a dilemma of having to decide between the two sexy alpha men in her life.

In one corner, there is the sexy, thoughtful alpha werewolf Wick who is convinced that she is his mate, but who is under the complete command of Lucien. In the other corner is the devastatingly sexy, understanding alpha were leopard, Tristan who comes with some much needed information about mates, who also happens to have the potential to be one himself. She is strongly attracted to both, but trust issues keep her from making a decision.

After his home is invaded Lucien tasks Andy with stopping the attacks. At the same time she is told by her boss to find a fugitive from the SRD’s lab. In her quest for more info, she employs demon summoning, doing some exotic dancing for said demon, and harasses the local police. In the background, she is learning tidbits of knowledge about what she is and the powers it entails along with the dire responsibilities acquired. What is behind the attacks? Who is this escapee and his link to Booth? Will she pick wolf or leopard?

This book did a great job of getting my attention and keeping it—it also had the bonus of being cute and giving me laughs. While some parts reminded me of other series, it was like an amalgam of parts I like without some stuff I did not. Andy is not a normal shape-shifter. She is a Carus, which seems to be a shape-shifter to the Nth degree—who history says have great power and a short shelf-life. I adore Andy, her snark, sense of humor and personality despite surviving a horrid past. Seeing who was behind the attacks was pretty nifty as the mythology/lore behind it was borrowed from a culture not used much in this genre. The only thing that I was not wild about was the love triangle as I am not partial to my emotional angst being in that flavor. This is the second book of the series and could stand alone, but after you read it you will want to read the first one along with the next.

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