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ISBN# 978-0-553-80805-6
July 13, 2010
Bantam Books
272 Pages
Fiction, Murder, Mystery, Suspense
Rating 3 cups

Katherine is not Katie anymore. She has moved to another place and another life. With the vibrant and ever enthusiastic Alice by her side, maybe she can be someone else. Someone who is not in pain... Someone who is not guilty for not being a better sister…

Alice is a force to be reckoned with. She is vital and alive and everyone is drawn to her. But she is hiding a secret that threatens to destroy both the new life that Katherine is trying to form and Alice herself. Taunting and tempting, what is it that Alice is hiding?

When mysterious letters show up and Katherine’s past rears up like a vulture to tear at her flesh, will she be able to conquer a demon that is disguised as her own guilt? Or will the madness that lurks behind the mask of a friend destroy them both?

Causing a war in the publishing houses when it was presented in manuscript form, this book was expected to be as phenomenal as Twilight. However, unlike Twilight, which left readers shocked at the intricacy of the plot or Potter which had so many side lines that it was amazing that Rowling tied it up at the end of the series… Beautiful Malice delivers twists and turns that are as predictable as an old country road that you traveled as a child. The characters are well wrought and the story beautifully written, but it was of little surprise when things finally, and perhaps slightly frustratingly—due to much tension building— came to light. An exceptional plot which fell short of what I had expected from the hubbub prior to publication.

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