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The Keyhole Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781936305711
April 2011
Omnific Publishing
$14.99 /$6.99/$4.99
236 Pages
Alternative Romance, Strong Polyamorous, BDSM Themes
Rating: 4 Cups

After her divorce Jill Marten finds herself in a kind of limbo, alone, a little lonely, but with no desire to enter into another boring and tedious relationship. She wants something different, more powerful, but without the regular hassles.

He has a very keen idea on what he wants from his partner, and Rutger is usually very adept at getting it. He and Jessie are looking for someone to include in their family, but whether or not they are really ready remains to be seen.

Jill cannot decide if she is more scared, disgusted, or intrigued by Rutger and Jessie, but something inside of her is awakening to new possibilities. They want to include her in a polyamorous relationship, but even more than that, a Master/slave one. Once the initial shock wears off, Jill feels like the world has opened up to her, and she cannot imagine living any other way. The newness of it all is exhilarating, but when Jessie shows signs of discontent, Jill may find her newfound freedom comes at too high of a cost.

I have never seen such detail given to writing about this type of lifestyle, and I found it to be very enticing. The ups and downs, heartaches and triumphs are easily identifiable and understandable even if you would never consider entering into a polyamorous or BDSM relationship. Jill, Jessie, and Rutger strive to find a balance, and it is extremely compelling to watch the transformations take place as each of their personalities really come into play. The reality of their situation is not watered down, nor is it sugar-coated, but you get an honest and very enticing look into an amazingly unique family.

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