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Dark Breed Novels
Prequel: Before the Fall
Book 1: Ascension
Book 2: Bedeviled
Book 3: Chosen

A Dark Breed Novel, Book 2
ISBN- 978-0-06-196441-1
December 27, 2011
Avon Books/Harper Collins
$7.99 US/ $9.50 CAN
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance; Fantasy; Mythology
Rating: 5 Cups

Kyana has, unfortunately, made an enormous mistake. She thought she was going to help her friend Haven and save her by feeding Haven her blood, but that is not what happened. She created a monster that is ready to destroy everything by bringing a God back to life.

Ryker is Kyana’s everything right now; her lover, her friend, and even her protector at times. He is willing to do anything to help her, even die if need be, because he truly loves her and hopes he can convince her of that.

Kyana, Ryker and a few others need to stop Haven before she destroys the worlds that exist so the humans, vampires, Gods, and others can survive. But can they do it in time? Can Kyana kill her best friend if that is the only answer?

Wow! What a world you will find in Bedeviled! It is a paranormal that is truly an eclectic group of mythical creatures, humans, vampires, lychens, and more. It is the coolest place I have been transported to in a mind vacation! Kyana is a strong character who still has insecurities about who she is and who she is to become. To me Ryker is her balance, her other half and the story they tell is just awesome by this reviewers standards.

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