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ISBN#: (13)9781607773066
October 2009
Ravenous Romance
207 Pages
GLBT/ Fantasy/ Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Jack and the Peenstalk

Jack is unemployed, lives with his mother, and they are about to lose their home.

Lincoln is a giant, a man used to living alone in the clouds with no one to satisfy him.

Jack finally convinces his mother to sell her diamond ring, only to exchange it for something entirely different than the cash she was expecting. When he climbs the Peenstalk, he finds a delightful giant willing to take him on. Promising to come back after he takes his mother an unexpected surprise, Jack may be trapped forever, kept from the giant he has come to love unless Lincoln can find a way back to him.

I really enjoyed this novel by Ms. Nacht. I thought that the fairytale of Jack and the Peenstalk was enhanced with the lover being the giant himself. It developed the story, bringing more to it than the typical caged character from the original tale. Nicely done.

The Rebellious Single Prince

The Crown Prince Kieran comes from the kingdom Celestrina, which is known for its scientific inventions, buildings, and its wealth.

Sereth is the son of Thackeray, the kingdom’s master inventor.

When Prince Kieran is locked away for his daily dalliances with the stable boy, Sereth finds a way to get to him. Using his brilliant mind, he devises wings to carry him to the tower window and meet his lover nightly. When the King sends Dalmazio to spy on the prince, he is shocked by what he sees. Will the young lovers’ trysts come to an abrupt end?

Ms. Black writes the Rapunzel story in a unique way and with a voyeuristic flair. I liked seeing the original tale intertwined with scientific inventions, it made it thoroughly enjoyable.

Cry Wolf

Wil enjoys shepherding, as it keeps him from town and the people who know his preference for boys.

Bleddyn is a pookha. As a wolf, he knows most are afraid of him.

When Wil realizes exactly what the wolf is, his desire for the man overruns his every thought. His best friend Emma wants him to marry her, but he cannot stand the thought of marrying any girl. When she realizes exactly what the wolf is, she devises a plan to save her best friend. But instead she may have put all of them in danger.

I thought Wil’s feelings of hopelessness over staying unmarried were touching. I found Emma to be conniving but in such a way that she was not trying to hurt anyone, maybe being just a touch selfish. Mercy Loomis wrote an interesting adaptation to The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Kintaro: The Golden Boy

Kintaro was taken deep into the woods to live in peace with his mother after his father was murdered by those he trusted most.

Suetake lost the man he loved to a bee sting, not the way any renowned warrior wants to go.

Kintaro has an immeasurable strength and is asked by a warrior to come see Lord Raiko about joining them. When he sees Suetake there is something about the saddened warrior that breaks his heart. But as time goes by, the training he undergoes with the Guardian brings Suetake out of mourning to see the beautiful young man before him.

S.J. Frost stole my heart when she wrote this story. There is a touching element that was added to this tale, bringing such compassion that I did not want this story to end. What a wonderful tale!

Ashes and Crystal

Prince Roland is searching for the woman who stole his heart, then disappeared.

Lady Zelynda will not be found in typical fashion, as she is not a woman but a he simply known as Ashes.

The prince is on a hunt to find the woman who left behind one shoe. He has searched each house for the foot that fits the shoe. With one last stop he finds out that the lady in question is really a man. Will he stay true to his love or allow Ashes to pick up the pieces of his own broken heart?

Jason Rubis wrote an interesting tale. I was not as entertained by this story as by some of the others. Not a bad read by any means. It was just an okay tale.

Handsome and Grateful

Hansel and Gretel are left in the forest to fend for themselves after their greedy, selfish parents realize they cannot afford to feed all four of them.

Lili is a witch and Manfred is a woodsman.

Lili delights in bringing the children into her home to fatten them up some. When Gretel falls asleep, she introduces Hansel to Manfred, who has a carnal appetite for men. Lili shows Gretel how exciting it can be to have a woman satisfy all her needs.

Kilt Kilpatrick has written one heck of a hot story. Holy cow! I could not believe how erotic this tale was. This story is as close to perfection as one can get.

The King’s Honor

Reuben is a soldier on his way to see the king about the twelve dancing princesses.

Corin is a woodcutter who lives with his grandmother.

When Reuben meets up with Corin and tells him his plans, the woodcutter decides to journey with him. With some aide from his wise grandmother, Corin and Reuben travel to the castle. If the soldier can discover where the twelve princesses are going then he will win one as his bride, but to fail means death.

This is an interesting tale by Ms. Merrow. I liked the interplay between Corin and Reuben, as well as the magical elements. I thought the way the men showed remorse for the princesses, even after they indirectly killed so many soldiers showed a softer side to this tale.

Swan Made

Joseph saw what he thought was a dead swan on the ground and picked it up, only to realize it was a coat instead.

The Swan Man just wants his skin back and follows the trail to Joseph’s house.

When Joseph sees a naked man standing in his house, he first thinks he is a thief. But soon he is seduced for days and nights. When the man leaves just as abruptly, Joseph is heartbroken. Will he ever find the man again or is he destined to live without him?

I found this story was satisfactory. Mina Kelly’s tale was good. But I probably would not want to read this story a second time. I found that there were some feelings of disassociation on my part because the Swan Man did not have a name.

Merman’s Tail

Karan is a fisherman who is trying to make money so his mother will not perish.

Tir is a merman, who was cursed into his current predicament.

When the merpeople and nixies tried to sink his boat, Karan is saved by Tir. Each day he goes back to the lake, determined to make enough money to save his mother. When Tir asks him to bring him to his house for three days, Karan agrees. After the three days are over, will Karan fall for the merman or will Tir return to the sea?

Ms. Di Meo has written a really nice story. I found that Tir’s struggle with his curse to be realistic, heartbreaking, and sad. I thought the way Karan fought his feelings of revulsion as well as feelings of lust was also well written. Nicely done!

Bedknobs & Beanstalks is an anthology of erotic male on male fairytales that will whet your appetite. Some of the stories were just okay and left me dissatisfied with the telling. However, other tales emotionally moved me and had me happy to have read this book. I will be sure to read and reread many of these tales for years to come. This is a very hot and stimulating collection of stories.

Caution: This tale is primarily m/m stories however there is a tale of f/f as well as one man who dresses up as a woman.

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