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On Dublin Street Series

Book 1: On Dublin Street
Book 2: Down London Road
Book 3: Before Jamaica Lane
Book 4: Fall from India Place

On Dublin Street, Book 3
Samantha Young
ISBN# 9780451466686
7 January 2014
352 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Olivia has a secret she finds horribly embarrassing. She has virtually no experience and no confidence with men. Nursing her sick mother during her high school and college years has given Olivia no chance for the usual experimentation phases. Now she worries it is too late.

When the truth about Olivia's confidence problem slips out during a drunken post wedding reception confession, she is humiliated. There is nothing worse than telling your super hot best guy friend that you are practically a virgin. But Nate Sawyer is not just sympathetic. The player of all players offers to teach Olivia a few things about seduction.

It does not take long for the lessons to flare into something hot and heavy. Olivia knows she is falling for her best friend. But Nate's commitment issues and past hurts may put a stop to their happily ever after before it can ever begin.

I would highly recommend picking up the other books in this series to catch up with the confusing cast of characters. Olivia is a fabulously normal girl, with body image issues we can all relate to. She and Nate have a scorching chemistry readers will love, despite the somewhat tired plotline of friends giving lessons in the bedroom.

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