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ISBN#: Unavailable
February 3, 2010
The Wild Rose Press
85 pages
Contemporary, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

When Janet is propositioned to give the naked man who came into her ER earlier a ride home, every instinct that keeps the intelligent, attractive nurse healthy should tell her to say no. But something in her responds to Max in a very primal way. Considering he is furry when the moon goes full, she has no idea how primal her response really is.

Max finds it amusing when he learns that the attractive nurse is allergic to dogs, but since he is a wolf, not a dog, his need for her should cause no issues. He has found his soul mate in the lush nurse.

Together they must defeat his nemesis, who has marked her as his next kill. If they manage this and save his family, their love may stand a chance. But only if he can make her his mate, Before The Moon Rises.

Full of humor and sexual tension, I found this book an exceptionally fun read. Max is a vibrant character who rips his way into the reader’s heart with one tilt of his furry head. The characters are full of life from the leads down to Cat. The only drawback was that the ending felt rushed. If it was more smoothed out, this review would easily have been 5 cups.

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