Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-62241-656-1
October 11, 2012
Siren Publishing, Inc.
114 Pages
Erotica / Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

While caring for his invalid father, Drew Walker has put his own life on hold. Regardless of the man’s ridicule of him over the years, Drew knows he could never live with himself if he let his dad suffer.

Guilt drives Mia Riley to leave a career in nursing that she loves. She cannot bear to think that an elderly lady died because of a mistake she should have caught.

Drew can tell just by looking that Mia is way too smart to be slinging beers, yet if it had not been for her working in the bar he never would have met her. He makes a tentative first move, but with his father’s voice berating him in his head, he can hardly get past hello. Mia and Drew try to put their pasts behind them to be together, only to find that unless they face their fears, they will be haunted forever.

This is a really lovely story which just happens to include an amazing romance. Drew is the kind of man whose heart way overpowers his muscles, yet he never comes across as weak or unmanly. Even his fumbling attempts at romance make him feel more honest and real. What I really like, and also think sets this story apart, is that Mia can step in and be the aggressor while maintaining her femininity and charm.

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