Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-59578-874-0
December 19, 2011
Liquid Silver Books
32 Pages
Contemporary, M/M, LGBT, BDSM, Fetish
Rating: 3 Cups

The phone calls are really starting to get to Chase. He trusts his lover, but the seeds of doubt have been sown, and Chase is getting worried.

Getting home for Christmas is all Raylan can think about. His job keeps him on the road far too much, and the strain is beginning to show.

Chase is pretty sick of the dead end singing gigs, and he misses Raylan more every day, but the real worry is what is going on in Raylan’s head. He loves Raylan, and knows the feeling is mutual, yet they spend so much time apart the temptation for Raylan to stray may be too hard to resist. Raylan has never had anyone in his life like Chase, and he will do anything he can to keep him. He is just not as sure Chase is willing to put up with all of the craziness that constantly surrounds his life.

The sparks that fly when Chase and Raylan get together are better than any fireworks show. They have the same fears and the same dreams, so it makes it really easy to feel the connection they share. However I do kind of feel like this could be a sequel to another story, in that Chase and Raylan are already a couple when this story begins, but even so, this is a very fun read. Ms. Slayer gives great voice to her characters, and you will fall for every one of them.

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