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Dark Goddess Trilogy
Book 1 - Cat’s Curse
Book 2 - Beltaine’s Song

Book 2: Dark Goddess Trilogy
November 2010
Awe-struck Publishing
251 pages
Historical Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

Domelch is a warrior queen and military leader for her husband, Aedan. Though the blood drinker inside her is bound, the blood lust still rises to the surface at the thought of the battle about to take place.

Aedan is king of Dal Riata, and he has laid aside his Pagan beliefs to embrace Christianity. With the help of the other Christian kings, Aedan is out to conquer the Pagans.

Christian monks are backing this war against the Pagans. The kings are sure of their ability to win, but the other kings think Aedan is weak because he has Domelch as his military leader. A woman in this position is unique for the time. King Riderch wants to break Domelch and take advantage of Aedan. What no one sees is how this war will pit brother against brother, father against son, and friend against friend. Betrayal abounds from every front.

This story is a remarkable one on so many levels. The theme spoke to my soul and touched my heart. I loved the strong women who reside within the pages of this book. The warrior women made this story sing for me. I will say that I was a bit confused at the beginning. I have not had the pleasure of reading Book One in this trilogy and would recommend it to keep from getting confused. That being said, I adored the way Ms. Heckart tangled religion and politics into a tale that held my interest to the very end.

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