Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781937325060
September 2011
Beachwalk Press, Inc.
115 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance / BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

In all of her relationships Katherine Sierra has felt something missing, and she might have just realized what it is. With absolutely no experience in BDSM, Kat is both nervous and excited to give it a try, and there is only one man she wants to serve.

Seeing her for the first time elicits feelings Lucas Cain is completely unaccustomed to. He has no need or desire to train a total innocent, but there is no way he can walk away from this beautiful young woman.

The list of experienced subs willing to serve Luke is long, but after seeing and then meeting Katherine, no one else will do. She is a complete novice, with barely any sexual experience at all, and yet she is the only thing he can think about. Submitting to Luke goes far beyond anything Katherine could have hoped for, but if he ever gets an inkling of her feelings for him it will all be over. They are Dom and sub, not boyfriend and girlfriend, and she would do well to remember that, even if every moment they spend together blurs that line more and more.

If you do not mind your heart pounding a little harder, or a little heat building under your collar, then you will most certainly enjoy Luke and Kat. This story is a fairly mild foray into the world of BDSM, and fits nicely with the innocence of Kat’s character. Both characters’ personalities are totally engaging, and their intimacy as well as their play feels exciting and realistic. Ms. Jade reels you in, and delivers with plenty of heat and spice.

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