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Dark Moon Rising

Book 1: Dark Wolf Series
Book 2: Beneath the Blood Moon

Dark Wolf Series, #2
ISBN 978-1-59578-936-5
May 14, 2012
Liquid Silver Books
183 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Celtic History Professor Rhiannon Connelly needs to find her missing friend. She gets a strange note telling her she will find answers when she goes to Scotland. After a weird meeting in a shop, she is given directions to a secluded village filled with a group of secretive people led by a forceful and handsome stranger. Her first meeting with that stranger, other than being explosive, erotic, and intense, leads to her learning that her friend might be a part of a world she did not think existed.

Cameron Tapaire is the Alpha of a reclusive pack of werewolves who are called the Benandanti. His pack is suffering from attacks from a threat not yet identified, and Rhiannon is brought to his home to keep an eye on her since he doubts her claim of just looking for her friend. Along with being more than just “human”, he finds that she has a lot more to do with him and his pack than he first thought, which might interfere with his getting answers.

Under house arrest, Rhiannon has learned to accept the Benandanti, which has led to understanding the pack and its alpha. Cam and Rhi will have to deal with the possibility that they might be something more to each other than a random encounter in a back alley, but pack safety is first. The peril might be part of something bigger, like getting the other parts of the pack that broke off long ago working together again. The threat might even have a leader who is a lot more powerful than being just a rogue werewolf.

Werewolves are in a lot of books and not a lot of authors bother to write something unique, but Ms. Jayde’s take on the myth is original, believable, and really interesting. The characters felt real, their personalities were a good mix. They were not over done, and there were no extremes to them. The story had a good mix of everything; the intense romance and relationship growing between Cam and Rhi, and the danger of the growing threat to the pack and their existence overlaying it all. I thought that this book was awesome and loved reading it. I wanted to read it again right after I finished it.

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