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ISBN#: 9781943576678
April 2016
Omni Lit/All Romance E-books
154 Pages
Gay romance/Fantasy/ Mer shifters
Rating: 5 Cups

Kannon is a real estate professional who used to love the sea and scuba diving and snorkeling in the sea. However, when he was eighteen and scuba diving with his father, he was bitten by a merman. Ever since that time, he has stayed out of the ocean, afraid to chance the same thing happening again.

Nisha who is significantly older than Kannon, since mer people live for hundreds of years is stunned when he finds his mate while patrolling his territory. All it takes is two bites to bind his mate to him, but unfortunately Kannon's father interrupts the process and Nisha opts to let his mate go, hoping that he will someday return.

Kannon has never stopped feeling the pull of the ocean, and finally fifteen years after the first bite, he is going back to the island to participate in his best friend's wedding. He meets Nisha who is the brother of the bride, but has no idea who he really is. In fact, he just thinks Nisha is a hot guy with blue hair that he is very attracted to. Plus, Kannon thinks he is only going to stay for the week and then go home, but Nisha has no intention of letting him go a second time. Will Kannon forgive his deception when he finds out who and what Nisha truly is? Or will he return home, leaving both Nisha and himself heartbroken?

I loved Beneath the Surface! This is not your garden variety merman human love story. The world building is quite intricate, and I really enjoyed finding out more about Nisha's world. I loved Kannon's reaction when he finds out who and what Nisha is. The love scenes are hot, and very emotional which are my favorite. If you love the idea of a merman and human finding love with each other, then you are going to love Beneath the Surface! This is one read you do not want to miss!

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