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ISBN#: 9781627780094
March 3, 2014
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
208 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Shortest Day

Lucy feels like the world is conspiring against her, making even the smallest effort seem insurmountable.

Between the children, an ailing mother-in-law, work, and life in general John barely remembers what intimacy feels like.

So much is getting in the way of their marriage right now Lucy fears John may finally have had enough. They are in desperate need of uninterrupted alone time, which John is going to make happen one way or another.

Lucy and John are so close to cracking under the pressure it seems like this could be it. In a way it is.

A Competitive Marriage

The weather outside is getting in the way of Mandy’s workout schedule, so she takes her husband’s suggestion.

A little quiet time with his computer will have to wait, now that Ian has a bet to win.

Turning anything into a competition is an easy way for Mandy to persuade Ian to do just about anything. This game however will have no loser.

A couple who plays together stays together, and I love Mandy’s sneaky side when it comes to getting her husband’s attention.

Professional, Knowledgeable and Very Thorough

Under the hood of a car is where Tamara Owens is the most comfortable, that is why she leaves dealing with the customers to Lucy.

When Randal Dean takes his car in to be serviced, he wants to know exactly what is happening and why.

Explaining in detail the ins and outs of a timing belt to Randal is not something Tamara would ever imagine being sexy, but with him it is. The thought of getting him dirty is even more so.

A woman, who knows her stuff, especially when most would consider it a man’s world, is a powerful attraction. It is a really good thing that Randal feels it too.


Going through a box of old pictures reawakens feelings in Joyce she thought long gone.

Pete loves seeing the rebellion in his wife at eighteen. He just has no idea that his reaction helps resurrect that inner teenager.

Once she finishes the final touches, and looks in the mirror, Joyce feels transformed. Her husband apparently feels the same, and the night is going to be one they never forget.

I absolutely love Pete’s reaction to his wife’s transformation, even more, I find it seriously sexy that he is not ashamed to show his feeling for her to anyone looking.

More Light

There is something about the forgotten decaying building that calls to her.

The way she moves and works ignites George’s passion.

They work together so often she is almost immune to George. When George changes the scene, her so called immunity flies out the window.

Feelings are taken for granted as she and George work so close for so long. It only takes one suggestion for all of those feelings to explode into reality.

Stay With Me

Watching him work is almost torture for Jamie, but as his boss there is no way she will ever make a move on him.

For so long Cord Preston keeps his feelings to himself. Tonight changes all of that.

Losing Travis was the hardest thing Jamie ever went through, yet her feelings for Cord are not going away. She should not get involved with an employee, especially one who will be moving on, Cord however gives her little choice.

Cord does not take no for an answer, and the result is exquisite.

A Singer Who Doesn’t Sing

When they meet she is sure it will be a one night thing. She could not be more wrong.

What he sees in her, he sees in himself, and it makes him want her all the more.

Their night together is something she will not forget. What surprises her most is that he is still here.

Two broken souls come together, creating an explosion of feeling and passion.

Show Me

What he asks of her is so far outside of her comfort zone Dani is not at all sure she can comply.

He knows her better than she knows herself.

She can do this. He knows it, and it will be extraordinary when it happens.

Going beyond your limits is scary, but it can also be unbelievably exciting.

A Perfect Place

Finding the right locale is Julie Scott’s job. One in which she is very adept.

The castle is far beyond its glory days, yet Benedek Illésházy hopes it is exactly what she needs.

Everything about this place feels right to Julie, including Ben. They may be newly acquainted, but there is definitely something she cannot ignore.

Julie and Ben are quiet, contemplative, and absolutely combustible!

Something New

Coming up with ideas is getting harder and harder for Kim.

He misses her so much Elson is just about ready to do anything to be with her.

Every time they talk Elson wants Kim to think of something kinky. It is not always easy, but with his encouragement, they always seem to come up with something.

Distance may make the heart grow fonder, for Kim and Elson however, it also makes the sex that much hotter.

Over a Barrel

Having one broken wrist is hard enough. Sadly Bonnie Bryant is dealing with two.

Jason Haynes knows how hard this must be for Bonnie, and he wants to help any way he can.

It is almost impossible for Bonnie to see anything good in her predicament, especially with Jason. His help and compassion take her by surprise, yet it seems that is not the only thing he stuns her with.

Shoving down her fear and jealousy gives Bonnie the opportunity to allow a whole host of other feelings to awaken, and it is incredibly sexy to see that Jason feels the same.


Upstate New York has become a haven for Jane Harmony since leaving an abusive marriage.

Seeing her sitting on that rock singing, Beau Bradford is entranced.

The tranquility and peace that Jane feels in this place is incredible, as is her new neighbor. Beau does not want to let this opportunity pass, and the coming storm makes it even more incredible.

The passion building between Jane and Beau is reflected in the impending storm. Every beat of the wind and drum of rain reflects the passion happening inside the camper.

Big Bully

Charlotte enjoys the feeling of freedom that alcohol gives her, even when it gets her in trouble.

Dealing with a spoiled young woman with way too much money and time on her hands is Teal’s job. Some days he wishes it were not.

No one pushes Charlotte’s buttons like Teal. He makes her feel like a real person, and now he is making her feel like a real woman.

Privilege comes at a price, so it is a good thing Charlotte has a man like Teal to bring her back to reality.

Going It Alone

A chance encounter turns into some serious fantasizing for Debbie, yet she is extremely nervous now that it is an actual date.

The dogs may have broken the ice. Jake, however, is more than ready for the next step.

Having a cup of tea with Jake should not be making Debbie this anxious. When he takes her home, she is almost beside herself with excitement.

The most innocent of encounters can turn into a lifetime of passion if you are lucky, and it seems like Debbie and Jake may just be.

Closing the Deal

Julia will do anything to stay on top, even if that means hiding out from a man who does crazy things to her heart.

Taking a chance, Paul confronts the woman who completely absorbs his thoughts.

It is hard enough to be taken seriously as a woman, even though Julia is very good at her job. What she does not want is to let her heart overrule her head, but with Paul that is exactly what she fears will happen.

Some days you just have to give your head a rest, which in Julia’s case, turns out to be exactly what she needs.

Whatever It Takes

With four kids, whose dance and baseball practice have her running non-stop, it is no wonder she has trouble remembering the last time she was alone with her husband.

It is easy to let the stress become overwhelming, but David knows just the right words to realign their priorities.

David’s voice is all it takes to have her aching all over. He can take her from mom to oh-my with nothing more than a few very deliberately laced commands.

I love how David makes his wife feel like she is the only woman in the world, even when life around them is spinning uncontrollably.

Getting through a long cold winter gets a whole lot easier when you have a collection like this to read. The couples in these stories come from all walks of life, which I feel makes it very easy to slip into their heads and their hearts. With such incredibly compelling stories, I am sure you will want to make note of several of these authors. Reading works from authors I already adore is fantastic, but finding others, like those in this anthology, are why I love these so much.

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