Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-62237-127-3
March 2013
Turquoise Morning Press, LLC.
36 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Emma Rhodes has an itch for Quinton Reynolds, her bodyguard. Only problem is Sam Rhodes is her husband and she has not seen him in months - and he is Quinton's best friend. Quinton seems attracted to Emma, but she knows a few of his secrets that she is not willing to let him know. The embarrassment might cost her a chance to enjoy him and also her life.

Quinton Reynolds misses his longtime companion and is starting to fantasize about his best friend's girl. He longs for the connection he has with Sam and has missed him while he is on this assignment.

Sam Rhodes is doing what he does best; trying to save those who need his expert services by keeping dangerous situations from getting worse. All he wants to do is get back to what is real, and naughty. He has two lovers and cannot wait to get back and "in" to them both.

Will anyone make it out of the current drama with friendships and relationships intact? It is very easy to get into a love triangle. It is very hard to get out. It is so hot, a fire could not compare to the heat coming out of the rooms of these characters. They try to keep their lives secret and their beds scorching with raw passion, yet quiet. Will they even stay alive to have what they long for - a relationship that can last with their "true love"?

Want saucy, juicy and a lot of raunchy? This book is the first I have read of its kind. The dynamics of all the relationships are superbly written. Having characters filling in the missing voids of each other while apart is one thing, but when they are together, it is a whole "nother" ball game. One you will see they each play differently. But, will the ball drop? Let us just say plenty of balls will drop, roll, and be fondled and twisted. You will like every moment as the fruit and nuts mix... to make a nice mixture of something tangy and sweet. These characters have some interesting personalities and hot bodies that you can smell as you read each word. This book gets 5 cups, because the steam felt from this novel does not compare to a hot cup of anything! It is direct, clear, and always keeps your attention.

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