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ISBN: 9780373277407 (#1670)
August 2011
E-book / Paperback
$4.49 / $4.20
224 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

As a soldier and lone wolf-warrior, Callan Storm is suspicious of the dancer hired to entertain at his future brother-in-law’s bachelor party. When his baby sister’s fiancé is kidnapped, of course, Callan becomes convinced the dancer is involved.

When Eryn McAdam’s friend calls on her to fill in as a dancer for a bachelor party, Eryn envisions a little dancing, make the guys laugh and then hightail it out of there. Also a security expert, Eryn’s job description for the night changes when the future groom is kidnapped.

Callan and Eryn’s lives collide amidst suspicion and attraction when a mutual goal to rescue the kidnapped victim forces them to work together. Desire for each other complicates the mission as violence escalates around them. Even with all the physical and emotional hitches, Callan and Eryn both know the importance of trusting each other and to stay focused on the job before it is too late to save anyone.

Ms. Fletcher has created an action-packed, fast-paced intermingling of suspense and passion. The chemistry between Callen and Eryn is taut with mistrust and heats up as each tries to deny the elements pulling them unequivocally together. Caught up in the drama of the who and the why, a myriad of emotions tug hard at these two independent actors and I found myself rooting for them to discover the chink in each other’s armor they both wear so well. Strong characters and strong suspense will keep readers guessing, riveted and eager to turn the page.

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