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ISBN# 9781573449014
21 January 2013
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
196 Pages
Lesbian, Romance Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Home to Her Country

Just letting her walk away without an explanation is not something Vika is capable of doing.

As much as it hurt Ana, really has no choice.

Spain may be spectacularly beautiful, but Vika has not come here to sightsee. She now realizes why Ana has left, which does not stop her from hoping.

Love is not always easy. Oftentimes, it takes compromise and hard work to keep it going.

Where the Girls Are

Sandra’s marriage has finally reached its expiration date, so now it is time to explore her deepest desires.

The want is definitely there, yet Emily knows she needs to take care.

For a long time, Sandra has known, although the knowing and doing are two completely different things. Emily expertly navigates Sandra’s concerns as well as her body.

The world opens up for those who have the guts to explore it.

Sgt. Rae

Their days as soldiers may be over. Still, Jenny will never forget how the horrors of war have brought them together.

It makes Rae’s heart soar when she sees what her girl has done.

The excitement escalates as she hears Sgt. Rae getting closer. Jenny puts a lot of work into setting this up, but the rewards will be worth every minute.

A little thought and ingenuity goes a long way in keeping any relationship alive and flourishing.

The Loneliest Road

When Lila loses all hope of ever dancing again, there is only one thing left to do.

It is hard to imagine life beyond the Marines, and this is the first step.

The Shoe Tree is little more than a curiosity for many. For Lila, it is the end of a dream. She has hoped to do this alone. Now she is glad to have this woman share her pain.

Giving up on a dream is painful and heartbreaking, but having someone who feels the same can often ease the sorrow.

The Cherry Stem

The fiery passion they have once shared seems to be buried under the pressure of everyday life.

She sees the look in her eyes and knows it is time to do something about it.

This feeling of uncertainty is driving her nuts. It will not take much for her to explode, and that is exactly what happens.

It is almost impossible to imagine foreplay lasting this long. The result is well worth the wait.

Life Drawing

Painting is a fun past-time for Audra. This class, however, makes it feel so much more.

Posing nude for a bunch of strangers is most certainly not Joni’s idea, although she cannot say she is sorry for agreeing.

Audra finds it hard to concentrate when the subject she is supposed to be painting is stealing her breath away. Everything about Joni turns Audra into a quivering mess, making it very difficult to get up the courage to speak with her.

I love how Audra lets her imagination run free, even if she has a hard time expressing herself beyond her canvas.

Lucky Charm

Ice-fishing is not exactly the most romantic of hobbies, which only makes her more determined.

Winning the tournament is why Maribelle is sitting on a frozen lake in a hot pink fish shack, but it is not the only reason.

The more obstacles thrown in her way, the more fun it gets. Her beautiful Maribelle is catching fish left and right, while she is exactly where she wants to be…front and center.

If you have never thought fishing could be a contact sport, this story is about to change your mind.

The Color of Autumn

Unlike her princess sister, Dizzy can care less about what is cute and fashionable, which does not exactly make her Miss Popularity.

Being the new kid on the block, Angela Hart takes the first opportunity to make a friend.

Stunned speechless, Dizzy cannot stop staring at the beautiful girl who just popped out of the neighbor’s tree. The more Angela talks, the more enrapt Dizzy becomes, and all of her concerns slowly fade away.

This innocent first meeting is delightfully fun and wonderfully quirky.

V-Day Diaries

Never having been much of a romantic, she always seems to get herself in trouble come V-Day.

Bette can care less about the date on the calendar, which is a good thing considering.

The chocolates, flowers and general commercialism drive her nuts. She loves that Bette is of the same mind, because they do not need a “special day” to show each other how much they care.

Ah, now here are two ladies after my own heart! Why waste time and money on worthless gifts when just enjoying each other makes so much more sense?

Night at the Wax Museum

Feeling skittish is not how Krista Pike wants to spend the rest of her life, but for now she will just have to deal.

Stuck in the same room night after night, year after year, Mina gets her fun where she can.

Rats absolutely freak her out although Krista is suddenly sure what she is hearing is no rat. Mina may be wax by day, but when night falls, she is most certainly all woman, albeit one with very sharp teeth.

This story takes a detour into the paranormal, which only incites the senses more.

Georgia on the Mind

Ladylike behavior is the end all and be all for a southerner, especially for the women in Georgia’s family.

Getting her car fixed is the only thing on Sandra McKenna’s mind, which does not seem like it is going to happen any time soon.

Seeing how desperate Sandra is, Georgia offers her a ride, secretly hoping it will be a beginning. Sandra has never heard anyone talk as much as Georgia. Still, she discovers she likes it…a lot.

Learning to go with the flow may be a bit harder for a Yankee, although with a girl like Georgia by your side, the journey will be well worth it.

Exotic Masquerade

Angel may not be a wallflower exactly, yet she feels she is far from the belle of the ball.

Seeing Angel watching the scene is more than she can stand. It is time to move on to more private and personal endeavors.

Watching the woman chained to the wall captures Angel’s attention, but only for a moment. The woman at her back is more enticing and full of promise.

Play should be a part of any relationship, which is seen at its most delectable entertaining with these two ladies.

The Bucket List

That one little kiss is never far from Suzanne’s thoughts.

It is hard to remember why this cannot happen when Ellie is with her.

The last thing Suzanne wants is to come between Ellie and her partner. Still, it does not stop her from fantasizing. There is comfort and stability in keeping the status quo, although Ellie is not at all certain she can continue to do so.

This story is tinged bittersweet. You want Ellie and Suzanne to find happiness, but is it worth the pain they could cause?

Tommie’s Dream Lover

The desert is Tommie’s home–forever and always.

Liza needs to see the world outside of this dusty little town.

Heartbroken does not come close to how Tommie feels when she watches Liza drive away. She has always thought Liza to be the answer to her dream. Could she have been wrong?

When you know where you belong, is it worth holding on to that place?

Un-dress You Up in My Love

At first, Dixie is sure this girl is the last thing she wants as a roommate.

First impressions can be misleading, as Darla quickly points out.

Whoever could have thought they would be here? Now Dixie is glad Darla put her in her place.

You have to love a woman who knows her worth and stands up to what she believes in.

The Last Rays of the Summer Sun

The rhythms of the house are going to take some getting used to, but she cannot wait to begin.

They have not played like this for a long time, and Angel is more than ready.

With the twins off to college, the whole house is their playground once again. They will start with their favorite game show and see where the night takes them.

A little friendly competition is always a great way to get the blood pumping.

Staying Power

Watching her ride is a thing of beauty. Then again, anything she does is captivating.

Ignoring her feelings is getting harder with each passing day.

Finally getting the chance to touch is almost more than she can take. Their age difference may bother her, but for now it holds no weight against their passion.

A stunning woman on a magnificent horse is enough to get anyone going, and it just explodes from there.

There is enough love, laughter and passion within these pages to keep everyone happy. From the sweet innocence of young love to the fulfilling richness of years together–it is all here, and each story is beautifully written. Women are complex creatures at the best of times, and these authors embrace every aspect of their personalities. If you are at all intrigued by lesbian romance–or just romance in general–this will be a fabulous addition to your collection.

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