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ISBN- 978-1-61885-007-2
August 12, 2011
Secret Cravings Publishing
231 Pages
Historical western
Rating: 4 Cups

John T. Cole and Wesley Collins are both ex-Texas Rangers on the trail of a cold-blooded killer, Victor Frank, who has lost touch with all reality and is killing women, thinking he is sparing children from harm. Victor had killed John T.’s mother years before and he aims to bring him down.

Pepper Hardy’s Pa was also killed by this mad man. He was the sheriff of Waco when he was killed, and now she wants to be included in this manhunt, whether she is a woman or not! Rascal Mills has also been affected by Victor. His wife was killed at Victor’s hand and he wants to see Victor dead as well.

With a posse after him, a trail of destruction is left following Victor who is seeking revenge for the abuse he has endured at the hands of his father and uncle. John T is against Pepper riding along, no matter what her reasons are. Can this rag tag bunch stop a mad man’s killings?

I must say this is slightly disturbing in a good way. Although the reader might want to be forewarned of the graphic descriptions the author uses for the murders. It could not be told any other way, in any other words. This definitely has a few elements of surprise as well as a bit of romance sprinkled amongst the gore which makes this read all the better. Great job Ms. Hestand on keeping this reader on the edge of her seat!

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