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Sweet Somethings Book 1
2 September 2015
Soul Mate Publishing
153 Pages
Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
Rating: 5 Cups

Carmella Sannarelli’s best friend Sadie is getting married. Unfortunately the news was sprung on her at the last minute, and unfortunately the groom-to-be is not Sadie’s long-term boyfriend Ryan Wutkowski. Always a people pleaser, Carmella cannot turn Sadie down. But she is devastated to learn of the breakup, since she is also close friends with Ryan. Moreover, she is shocked to learn that neither of them told her.

On the plane to St. Croix, where the wedding will take place, Carmella finds herself inexplicably seated next to Ryan himself. He is on a business trip to Puerto Rico, where Carmella will be making a stopover for two days. In that time, she and Ryan spend time together, but she comes no closer to a reason for the breakup.

Oddly, neither Ryan nor Sadie seem upset. Carmella realizes she is being kept in the dark about something. When Ryan unexpectedly shows up in St. Croix to attend the wedding, Carmella learns that Ryan has been in love with someone else all these years - her. Did Sadie step aside to give true love a chance? If so, can Carmella accept Ryan’s love, and accept that she loves him in return, when it means that she was always the one standing in between the happiness of the two people she loves most in this world?

I love a good “falling in love” story, and this was one of those. I finished the whole thing in two days flat! I adored how in love Ryan was with Carmella, and how he never seemed to be able to say exactly how he felt. The three-way, long-term friendship between Carmella, Sadie and Ryan certainly put a satisfying and believable spin on why no one could admit their feelings. Also, I appreciated that no one in this story was a true villain. The characters were all likeable in their own way - even Josh, Nelson’s womanizing brother who actually has a heart underneath all that smooth-talking slickness. A great cast of characters all round, and a great story.

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