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ISBN# 1-59998-035-5
June 6, 2006
Samhain Publishing
226 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassandra Bishop, alias CB, grew up with a father and a brother, which often prompted her to behave more like a man than a female. But that does not give her fiancé a reason to call off the wedding.

Burke Halifax, a good friend to CB, is dumbfounded when she comes to him for lessons on being a sensual female in every way.

Cassandra is shocked when she gets a letter stating her fiancé cannot marry her because he is gay, but later returns with a blonde woman on his arms, extremely happy. This little tidbit does not sit well with her, so she decides to change so he will notice her again. Burke has never really had any serious relationships, only a best friend, and when Cassandra shows up at his place drunk and needs his help, he is baffled. She asks him to teach her the softer side of femininity. At first he refuses, then friendship kicks in and he hates to say no to her, but by saying yes wakes up a part of his anatomy he was certain was resting. Now he must tell her that she does not need to change for some scumbag who is not worth it, while trying to keep his feelings from spilling from his own heart.

Betting Hearts is one incredibly delightful story. I love the characters of Burke and Cassandra with their banter, their stubbornness, and their antics, not to mention the way that Burke stands his ground. Loyalty to a friend is a plus in this book but some things need to be a no-no. The frolics, along with the sprinkling of the secondary characters, are remarkably done. Ms. Tenorio crafts a magnificent read filled with dishonesty, deception, sensual infatuation, and pizzazz that this reader considered quite satisfying.

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