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A Melville Sisters Novel
ISBN# 97811622665953
August 25, 2014
Entangled Publishing
250 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dante, a demon, loves to wager with the being he has possessed for the last two-hundred years: warlock Bastian Crane. Usually Bastian resists since experience has proven demons never play fair. But this time Dante’s offer is too attractive. He will leave Bastian forever if Bastian can get a good woman to tell him “I love you”. There are two conditions. First, she cannot know about the wager. Second, the good woman Dante has in mind is perky, pink, perfect Julia Melville.

What Dante knows and Bastian does not, is that Julia is a werewolf struggling to suppress what she is. Bitten only six months ago, she has not accepted her monthly transformations, or the werewolf pack where her brother is alpha. She is in no fit state to have a relationship. When her closest friend suggests Julia’s restless inner wolf might be subdued by some distinctly adult, no-strings-attached “distraction,” Julia’s new, sexy, mysterious next-door neighbor Bastian Crane is worth a second look.

As Bastian works to make Julia fall in love with him, she tantalizes him with the vixen desires burning beneath her strawberry-pink, good-girl exterior. What she does not expect to find is an unprecedented balance with her inner wolf. And Bastian certainly does not expect to fall in love with the object of his wager. Their relationship is subjected to the ultimate test when they learn one another’s secrets about who—and what—each are.

Betting on Julia is sexy and spicy with just the right amount of romance. There are elements of BDSM that I did not find overwhelming as a first-time reader of this genre. I enjoyed the suspense created by the intersection of the paranormal worlds which Julia and Bastian inhabit, and I enjoyed that, even though these two people are battling their own demons (literally in Bastian’s case), their humanity and their love for one another prevails. Though the central conflict surrounding Bastian’s possession by the demon, Dante, was a little too quickly resolved for my preference, the pace of Betting on Julia was good, the plot well structured, and the story entertaining.

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