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The Regent’s Entourage

Book 1: Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea
Book 2: The Art of Duke Hunting

The Regent’s Entourage, Book 1
ISBN#: 9780062096470
February 2012
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Roxanne, Countess Paxton, is the daughter of a rich tin miner. She is not a diamond of the first water and has never quite fit in with either her father’s miners or the aristocracy she just married into.

Alexander, Duke of Kress, has inherited his title unexpectedly and is a bit bemused by his new position and the attention he receives. He is extremely handsome and was hoping to enjoy himself a bit before finding a bride.

A bachelor evening gone bad has become the talk of London. The Prince Regent and his entourage, fueled by absinthe from the Duke of Kress’ cellars, have run amok in London and the scandal threatens the government. One duke is missing and another has missed his own wedding. Kress has apparently lost his new found fortune. The Prince is determined to quell the scandal and orders the dukes to find brides and become respectable. In addition, Kress is sent to his remote Cornwall castle to restore it and host the prospective brides. He never expected to rescue a countess from certain death or to fall in love with her.

This series is going to become one of my favorites based on the first two novels. The dukes are all quirky, but Alexander’s great aunt and his secrets make his just a cut above the rest. I loved his sense of humor and style. Roxanne is a courageous character in an unusual situation, and I laughed out loud when she tormented her supposedly grieving husband. The combination of suspense, humor and a gripping love story make this book extremely difficult to put down, so I kept reading until the end. The other dukes and duchesses and the prospective brides were just as well drawn as the two main characters, and the plot is full of intriguing twists and turns. The setting of a remote Cornish castle was perfect for this story, adding to the drama and mystery.

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