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ISBN: 9780758238184
February 2010
Aphrodisia Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00 USA / $16.95 CAN
352 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Redd Hot

Andrea Redd is determined to do well in the real estate world. Her ex-husband keeps stealing clients from Redd Hot Properties, which does make it hard for her to succeed.

Connor O’Brian was flaunted as Houston’s most eligible bachelor last year. But instead of feeling immensely gratified, he just feels alone and lonely.

While looking for a vacation home, Connor spies the owner of the real estate agency trying to fix one of her signs and falls instantly in lust. When Andrea begins her seduction, all she sees in the younger man is a potential client. But as their passion escalates, her feelings change to lust and then love. Can Andrea convince Connor that she wants more from him than just another quick sale or is it too late?

I have to say I felt really sad for Andrea. The way she fought so hard to control who she was and what kind of woman she saw herself as being gave away how her past relationship with her ex was. The way Connor jumped into a relationship spoke volumes as well, making this a heartfelt story, one I am glad to have read.

Just Right

Ashley Clark is tired of jumping from one relationship to another, only to have her heart broken. It does not help that her libido seems to have deserted her as well.

For five years, Daryl Garrett has watched his best friend Ashley date other men. It has been even harder due to the fact that the other men were also his friends.

Daryl is ready for more than just being friends, and he comes up with the perfect solution. Get Ashley to agree to a no-strings attached sex-only relationship. When she jumps at the chance, he uses all of his seductive skills to try and get the woman he loves to fall in love with him. Will he be able to get the woman who has been his friend for over twenty years to finally see that he loves her as more than a friend?

This story touched my heart. I loved not only reading about their present friendship, but being able to see how Daryl played knight in shining armor when Ashley needed a friend the most. Not only was this tale full of heat and passion, but there was already a closeness between the two main characters that gave this story an extra special aura. I loved, loved, loved this tale.

Stroke of Midnight

Beth Simpson had the perfect summer job, until an accident sent her student to the hospital. Now that her contract has been canceled, she has only been asked to stay on the yacht for three days until she can pass the keys on to the next renters.

Will King is diving around a wreck site when he notices the beautiful woman in the water. Seeing that she is not diving with a partner, he follows her back to a yacht and proceeds to lecture her about diving safety.

Beth knows better than to allow complete strangers in her bed, but there is something about Will that pulls her to him. For him, Will sees a bored heiress who wants a summer fling. Both are under misconceptions about each other, ones that could hurt when the truth comes out. Will Beth turn away from Will when she learns the truth about what kind of man he is, and will his feelings change direction when he realizes she is not the heiress he thinks she is?

This is a story of making first impressions, or at least how these two perceive each other. While Beth sees a man who is a romantic at heart, she also thinks he is someone who wants a rich woman. Will sees an heiress, a woman who would not be willing to settle for a man like him. This was a cute spin on a Cinderella-like fairytale.

Between the Sheets is an anthology with three fun-loving and slightly twisted fairy tales within its pages. While the other two are funny, with some very hilarious scenes, Just Right touched me with the way the two main characters seemed to mesh with such soul-searing clarity. Stroke of Midnight was just an okay read for me; there really seemed almost too much duplicity for me to enjoy the tale. Redd Hot had some great qualities, like the ex finally get his comeuppance, but I found that the story seemed to drag on a bit when it came to the two realizing how they felt. Ms. Mellor adds an erotic touch to this book that will have you wanting to take a cold shower even as you think about all the other naughty fairy tales she could write about.

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