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Dinah Pelerin Mystery

Book 1: Bones of Contention
Book 2: Bet Your Bones
Book 3: Bonereapers
Book 4: Her Boyfriend’s Bones

Dinah Pelerin Mystery, Book 2
ISBN #: 9780373268986
June 2014 (originally published in 2011)
Worldwide Mystery
Mass Market Paperback
$ 7.99
347 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Dinah Pelerin is a budding anthropologist with an interest in mythology. She is half Native American and was born and raised in rural Georgia. She just finished working with a team in the Philippines and is at loose ends at the moment.

Claude Ann is Dinah’s childhood best friend and protector. She has recently divorced and is enjoying Hawaii with her large settlement. She has found love again, but protestors and murder threaten to ruin her elaborate wedding.

Dinah is in Hawaii to assist her best friend Claude Ann with her wedding. Claude is marrying a wealthy retired volcanologist, whose new development project has been marred by deaths and very loud protests from a native Hawaiian group.

I really liked the exotic setting of this story and the main character’s interest in mythology and the local culture add a bit of interest to this well-written mystery. A glossary would be helpful as the characters slip in many Hawaiian words. I got a bit lost as sometimes there were translations and sometimes not. The characters were varied, colorful, and appealing and the mystery was not easy to solve.

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