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ISBN#: Paperback-9780061734014/0061734012/E-book-9780061968198/0061968196
January 2010
Avon Books/Harper Collins Publishers
382 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Elliot Drake is a physician and single. He loves his family and enjoys spending time with his friends. Their latest adventure was to go cave spelunking. Unfortunately, their little trip turns into more than the group bargained for.

Jade is a woman full of dark secrets. Held captive as a slave by immortals for three years, when she finally escapes she makes a promise to herself and the rest of humanity that she will stop them at any cost.

When Elliot and his friends go cave spelunking, they have no idea that their lives are about to be turned upside down in more ways than one. While they are inside the cave, an earthquake hits putting the men into some sort of sleep. When they wake up and finally make it out of the cave, the world as they know it is gone, and it is fifty years later. Oh, and they all have a new special power. All around them are the ruins of civilization and a race of flesh eating zombies known as ‘gangas.’ The men spend the next six months trekking around and looking for more people. Since there are no more doctors, Elliot does what he can to help the people they do meet. One night he and his friends spy a group of teens being attacked by gangas and attempt to come to their rescue. Out of the blue, a beautiful woman on a wild mustang comes riding up to help them save the day. In the skirmish the woman who they come to know as Jade is injured, and one of the teens is carried off. Fortunately, Elliot’s friends are able to retrieve the teen and Jade. While Elliot feels an instant attraction to the beautiful Jade, she is wary of men having been abused both sexually and physically by them. Since Elliot is still dealing with this frightening new world, and Jade is skittish, neither of them acts on the attraction, at least not at first. However, everything changes when they reach Envy, the only city left after the disaster fifty years before. It is then that Elliot and his friends find out at least some of the details of what happened fifty years before. It does not take long for them to figure out something about the immortals, or the ‘strangers’ as people call them is not right. With the help of Jade and a man who survived the disaster, they look for answers and a way to stop the immortals. But the immortal who enslaved her wants Jade back. Will Elliot be able to keep her and their budding love safe, or will the immortals win and continue to unfold their devious plan?

Beyond the Night is paranormal romance at its best. I really enjoyed reading this book, what a refreshing change from the usual! The world building is par excellence, and the story line is realistic. The gangas are truly creepy and really add to the fright factor in this story. I loved how strong both emotionally and physically Jade was, and I think Elliot with his gentle strength and caring is the perfect partner for her. The sex is sizzlin’ and just adds spice to Elliot and Jade’s developing romance. I also thought that the idea of giving each of the men a special ‘gift’ was ingenious. Ms. Ware has written a true winner here in my opinion, and I for one cannot wait to read the next two books in this series!

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