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Riley's Journey Series

Book 1: Riley's Journey
Book 2: Into the Savage Dawn
Book 3: Beyond Tomorrow

Riley's Journey, Book 3
April 2013
Willow Moon Publishing
310 Pages
Science-Fiction Time Travel Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Rachel is part of a group, one that has traveled back in time forty-thousand years. She yearns for a love of her own, but the single men of her tribe feel more like brothers and co-workers than potential mates. A moment of carelessness on her side leads to her capture by their greatest enemy the savage cannibalistic Cro. Being rescued by the enigmatic and primitive Hawk may just lead to the beginning of realizing her dream. First, she will have to deal with the cultural misunderstandings that crop up.

Hawk is a warrior of his clan who has been entrusted with a special task and package from a dying elder. He searches to find the strangers whom the elder speaks of, not sure if his stories are actually true. After finding them, he stays to observe before approaching, enough to see the beautiful and independent Rachel for the first time. Little does he know that making contact will cause big changes in the life he knows. Those changes will involve Rachel, to whom he is drawn, even if she confuses him at times.

The tribe nears the end of its preparations to find a new place to live, across the ocean and far away from the invading Cro. After a tragedy close to home, Hawk decides to return to join the strangers and help. The journey to safety will be full of hazards, lost allies an angry storm, not to mention avoiding the savage Cro that are only a few. Through it all is the story of Rachel and Hawk's love. Will it survive with them coming from two different worlds and the miscommunications that threaten it?

This story has romance, action and suspense, all with detailed imagery. The setting and characters are tangible with lush, in-depth descriptions that immerse readers into the story. Along with adding a little humor, the miscommunications between Hawk, Rachel and their assumptions about each other could be frustrating at times. This book is the third of a series, but can stand alone, if you want to learn more about how the tribe reaches this point, I would read the first two books in the series.

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