Coffee Time Romance & More




September 2010
Solstice Publishing
156 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Horror
Rating: 4 Cups

With a cascade of dark curls and a body loaded with lush curves, she looks like an angel, but that is only half the story. Rose is a ferocious and relentless hunter in search of the demons who killed her mother. A loner, she prefers to track down and deal with her prey by herself; she does not need or want help from anyone, including her father.

He looks like Billy Idol and kisses like a devil, which is probably because he is the son of a beautiful Swedish stripper and the True Native of Hell who gave up everything to be with his human love. Skriker is as skilled a lover as he is a demon hunter and with his fascinating tattoos and sinewy body, he leaves a trail of satisfied women and dead demons in his wake.

While dispatching another evil demonic being, Rose learns of an abandoned town settled by vampires, but when she arrives there, she meets up with a fellow hunter and is forced to work with him to destroy their common enemy. Surprised to find a female hunter already staking out his quarry, Skriker looks into her eyes, which surprisingly are two different colors and knows she is his future. But how will Rose feel when she discovers her sexy new partner carries the very blood of the creatures she has sworn to extinguish.

Danielle D. Smith delineates in raw detail the destructiveness in a world full of destiny and demons. From the very first sentence, the reader is pulled into a violent and brutal existence where two gorgeous individuals with tragic pasts fight their way to their own serenity. Skriker and Rose are strong characters who cannot be overlooked in either their actions or appearance. Our hero is as bad as a bad boy can get and yet, maybe, it is the Catholic schoolgirl in me, but I could not help but find him attractive and intriguing. Rose is the kind of superhero I always wanted to be, gorgeous and deadly. The type of woman men can only dream about. The details in the description of this story were fantastic and the wry humor was greatly appreciated in the face of such brutally honest demon butt kicking. This is not a meek and mild vampire love story but rather an edgy and graphic tale of hope. Hope that relative goodness will defeat evil and that we all have a soul mate out there just waiting for us.

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