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The Chronicles of Kassouk
Book 1 White Tiger
Book 2 Red Leopard
Book 3 Black Jaguar
Book 4 Blue Lioness

Chronicles of Kassouk Book Three
ISBN$#: 1-936000-55-5
November 1, 2010
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
154 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

As the youngest of his brothers and sisters, Kahuel of Yalta has spent much of his life perpetuating the image of a spoiled child, but he is now determined to make a change. He wants to be respected for his abilities and knowledge, and this mission is the first step in that process.

The innocent and peaceful existence of the Chosen has reigned for generations, and Talina cannot imagine life any other way. Through mind-speak they can communicate freely with no need for secrecy or lies, which are as foreign to her as the people about to invade her world.

A typhoon of unimaginable proportions comes out of nowhere and throws their ship against the rocks of a mysterious island, and now Kahuel must make his first decisions as a leader for his people. Knowing that there was something strange about this whole mission from the beginning, Kahuel is not completely surprised to find that they are not alone on this island. Talina watches Kahuel warily, but can find no reason after searching his thoughts to not engage this beautiful stranger and his feline companion. They are quick to develop a bond, but neither Talina nor Kahuel are prepared for the magnitude of how the Chosen and their overseers will react.

From one extreme to another the societal differences in this story keep you riveted. It is much like watching an episode of “Stargate,” where an advanced civilization engineers a primitive culture to suit their needs and perpetuate the image of deities to keep their subjects in line. As the truth comes to light, Kahuel and Talina are not so disparate in their basic beliefs that their love for family, friends, and wildlife cannot bond them tightly, even during the worst of times. This strange blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and sweet romance is a great way to whisk yourself off to another time and place without ever having to leave your comfy chair.

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