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ISBN: 9781452336947
September 2010
Hot Tropica Books
24 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Jack Taylor needs money. When he sees a frightening scene, he takes pictures and decides he can blackmail the perpetrator.

Alexander Kohler knows right away what Jack wants. Being a vampire comes in handy when he needs to read a blackmailer’s mind.

When Jack shows up at Alexander’s house, he hopes to get the money quickly and get out. But the vampire has other ideas. Soon they are enjoying a hot night of passion. What will happen when morning comes?

Black Male is a good read. The fantasies Jack has of Alexander before he even meets him builds up the passion they experience, giving it a nice foreplay feeling. The air of danger that surrounds the vampire really makes the story more intriguing. The ending left me hanging and I wish there was more closure as far as Jack and what will happen to his mother. Overall this was a spicy read that will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night and leave you all tingly.

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