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ISBN#: 9781619357099
February 2015
Soul Mate Publishing
$ 2.99
220 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lady Isabel is excited about her first London Season. She is beautiful but modest and a great favorite with the Ton. She hopes to find love.

Tresham, Lord Dancy, is escorting his two younger sisters and mother to London for the Season. He is very handsome, rich, and sought after.

Isabel’s season is off to a wonderful start. She is very happy with her aunt and uncle and is hopeful to meet someone she can love and be happy with. She is dazzled by Lord Dancy and astonished that he is interested in her, but he is in love with her beauty and sweet nature. They are just betrothed when word arrives that his father has died. She travels with his mother and sisters to support the family in their sorrow, but finds that Tresham is greatly changed. The murder of a servant and mysterious persons on the grounds make them all fear for their lives.

This is a well-written historical romance with a Gothic touch. The plot is right out of a Gothic romance of the period, complete with a dark gloomy castle on the sea. Tresham and Isabel are a bit bland but very sympathetic. I really liked his younger sisters and brother who were much livelier and brought that out in Isabel. The villain of the piece is pretty evil, but needed more detail, and the Max and Selina characters had a lot of potential wasted in this story.

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