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#5 in the Jemma Series
ISBN 10: 1602902178/ 13: 978-1602902176
July 2009
Paperback /Trade Paperback
$14.99 - $19.99
296 pages
Rating: 2 Cups

The winter of 1973 in the Texas panhandle is nothing but ordinary. With crazy happenings going on all over, such as the tornado warnings going off in the dead of winter and confusing residents. Also, new babies are brought into the mix along with their happy parents.

The postmistress now has her odd mother in-law living with her. The editor of the society page, the barber’s fiancé, has made a critical error in proofreading and has set the town ablaze with gossip.

While all these crazy things are going on, life continues on as normal as these residents can make it. It has odd couplings and even stranger friendships that keep the tongues wagging with chuckles to some and anger to others.

This being the fifth book in the series, I would recommend reading them in order to get a feel for the characters. I had a very hard time keeping track of the many different ones. I did not find myself connecting to the story at all. But overall, I did like the concept of the story and did enjoy some of the funnier antics in the story. This reviewer says if this is your type of book, or if you are a fan of Ms. McAnear, then you will enjoy. This is a read to use your own judgment.

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